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NEW! CLTA Virtual Forum (#4)

全美中文教師學會網上論壇-第四講  (全美中文教师学会网上论坛-第四讲)

讲题: 二语习得与中文教学

Title: From Research to Classroom Practice in Chinese as a Second Language 

TIME: 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm (EST)
November 7 (Saturday), 2020

主持人: 白建华

特邀嘉宾:沈禾玲, 温晓虹, 陶红印, 袁芳远

Virtual Forum via Zoom. Open and Free for CLTA Members. Seats are limited. Registration is required. To register:

  1. Login with your CLTA Member info
  2. Fill out the Virtual Forum registration form (you can also find the Virtual Forum registration form under the News tab at the top of the CLTA website)
  3. You will receive email confirmation with Zoom link info. Keep this email. You will need this information to enter this CLTA Virtual Forum event.
  4. The event starts at 8 pm. Zoom will open at 7:45pm. The Zoom meeting can only admit up to 300 people, first come first served.

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