CLTA Annual Conference 2022

CLTA 60th Anniversary

The Chinese Language Teachers Association, U.S.A. 2022


The Chinese Language Teachers Association – USA (CLTA-USA) plans to hold its 2022 Annual Conference along with the 60th Anniversary of CLTA-USA in early-to-mid April 2022 (the specific dates and mode of the conference will be announced towards the end of 2021). The annual conference aims to provide a platform for Chinese teachers, scholars and school administrators to exchange teaching experience, and share the cutting-edge research finding of Chinese language acquisition, pedagogy, grammar and/or instructional technology. In addition, the 6th Regional Association Conference will be held during the 2022 CLTA Annual Conference, and representatives of the Regional Associations will report their best practices and their Professional Development Projects with support from CLTA.

In recent years, the annual conference of CLTA-USA has become a prominent event for international Chinese language teachers from different countries and regions in the world. As our sister organizations, The European Association for the Teaching of Chinese and The Asia-Pacific Consortium on Teaching Chinese as an International Language both send representatives to share their valuable experiences and research findings every year. We sincerely invite colleagues from all over the world (including non-CLTA-USA members) to participate in the 2022 annual conference to exchange experiences and engage in meaningful discussions.

Proposal Submission and Deadline (November 1, 2021)

Proposals, written in either English or Chinese, are acceptable. Proposals should be submitted through the Microsoft CMT platform, and the link will be displayed on the CLTA-USA website (URL: The deadline for proposal submission is November 1, 2021. Except for the speaker(s) of the workshop, each individual is limited to submit one proposal as the first author. Results of anonymous proposal review will be notified by e-mail before December 15, 2021. The conference will accept three types of proposals. Please select the appropriate category when submitting your proposal online. In case of multiple presenters, please submit all authors’ information during proposal submission. Additional requirements of proposal submission are as follows:

  1. Individual Papers. This category is for proposals to present empirical research findings for a twenty-minute session (including 5 minutes for Q&A). The proposal should include an abstract that does not exceed 300 English words or 450 Chinese characters, and a summary that does not exceed 50 English words or 75 Chinese characters.
  2. Panels. This category is for an hour-long panel comprised with three, or four, presentations on a common theme. The presentations can be related to empirical studies or explore issues between theory and practice. Each panel must have a lead presenter responsible for submitting the panel proposal. The proposal must include: an overarching title for the panel and titles of individual presentations, an abstract that does not exceed 500 English words or 750 Chinese characters, and a summary that does not exceed 80 English words or 120 Chinese characters.
  3. Technique Demonstrations. This category is for proposals to present a demonstration to share with colleagues interesting and effective teaching activities in an eight-minute session. The demonstration should focus on a language skill, a linguistic construction/lexical item, or any other clearly defined learning objective. The proposal should include the name of the demonstrated activity (title), an abstract that does not exceed 100 English words or 150 Chinese characters (the abstract should specify the target proficiency level, the focal linguistic structure or language skill), and a summary that does not exceed 80 English words or 120 Chinese characters.

In addition, the CLTA Conference Committee and subcommittees will organize the following events:

  1. Professional Development Workshops. This one-hour professional workshop aims to enhance participants’ professional knowledge/skills in language acquisition theories, research methods, material developments/analyses, teaching technique or job interview.
  2. Roundtable Forum. Four to six speakers and one moderator will be invited to form a panel and discuss different views on a shared topic. The time duration is one hour. Each speaker can make a brief presentation on his/her view for five to eight minutes. The rest of the time will be devoted to interaction with audience.

Conference registration

The level of conference registration fee will be notified after the conference mode is confirmed.

Prime (Early Bird) Registration Deadline: January 15, 2022.

(**Presenters whose proposals are accepted by the conference must complete registration on or before this date to reserve a slot for presentation).

Regular registration: after January 15, 2022.

Conference Contact Information

Conference website:

All inquiries about the annual meeting should be sent to:

Award Categories, Award Submission / Inquiry Email Address

1) The Tao-chung Ted Yao Memorial Awards:

2) The K-12 Presentation Awards:

3) The Cheng & Tsui SIG Awards:

Award application submission deadline: same as the conference proposal submission deadline. Please submit a separate application package to the respective CLTA subcommittees at the emails listed above while submitting conference proposals

Please note that CLTA has several additional non-presentation awards including: CLTA Action Research Award, Cheng & Tsui Professional Development Award, and Jiede Empirical Research Award. The award certificate will be issued at the general member meeting at the conference. For detailed information regarding eligibility, procedures, and deadlines, please visit:

Aside from specific eligibility rules set for each individual award, the following rules apply to all award categories:

1) Each year one applicant can only apply for one award.

2) Previous awardees should not apply for the same award.

3) Awarded projects cannot be used to apply for other awards.

4) Only CLTA members are eligible to apply.

Professional Development Point (PDP) Certificate

All K-12 teachers who register the conference and need a PDP certificate, please email the CLTA Headquarters at


We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Annual Conference of CLTA-USA!

CLTA 2022 Annual Conference Organizing committee:

  • Baozhang He 何宝璋/ 何寶璋 (Conference officer)
  • Xia Liang 梁霞 / 梁霞 (Workshop & roundtable)
  • Jun Da 笪骏 / 笪駿 (Technology specialist)
  • Shuai Li 郦帅 / 酈帥 (Conference Co-Chair)
  • Zhongqi Shi 史中琦 / 史中琦 (Program chair)
  • Jing Wang 王静  / 王靜(Program Co-Chair)
  • Sue-mei Wu 吴素美 / 吳素美 (Headquarters)
  • Yongping Zhu 朱永平 / 朱永平 (Conference Chair)