Elected Officers

(“From the CLTA President” past & present)

HeBaoZhang President
Baozhang He 何宝璋
Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures
College of the Holy Cross
Worcester, MA 01610
Email: bhe@holycross.edu

 Vice President
Fangyuan Yuan 袁芳远
Languages and Cultures Department
U.S. Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD 21402
Tel: (410) 298-6319
Email: yuan@usna.edu

chaofensun_board Immediate Past President
Chaofen Sun 孙朝奋
Dept. of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Stanford University
Email: cfsun@stanford.edu

Appointed Officers

John YinHeadquarters
Prof. John Jing-hua Yin 印京华, Executive Director
(Nov. 2014 – April 2019)
University of Vermont

 Journal Office
Dana S. Bourgerie, Journal Editor
Brigham Young University

janetxing Journal Office
Janet Xing 邢志群, Advisory Editor
(April 2019)
Western Washington University

scottmcginnis_officer Journal Office
Prof. Scott McGinnis 馬思凱, JCLTA Associate Editor
Defense Language Institute-Washington Office

wenxia wang Journal of K-12 Chinese Education
Wenxia Wang 王文霞 (editor)
(2016-April 2019)
Williams Learning Solutions

 Newsletter Office
Yang Xiao-DeSai 萧旸
San Francisco State University

dajun Home Page Office (Web Team)
Jun Da 笪骏
(April 2019)
Middle Tennessee State University


Steering Committee
Baozhang He何宝璋 (President, Chair)
Yuanfang Yuan 袁芳远 (VP)
Chaofen Sun 孙朝奋 (IPP)
Jun Da 笪骏
Yi Xu 许怡

The steering committee is chaired by the current president and is comprised of the VP, IPP and two board members.

Awards Committee
Yi Xu 许怡 (Chair)
Lung-Hua Hu 胡龍華
Shuai Li 郦帅
Shijuan Liu 刘士娟
Chan Lü 吕婵
Jie Zhang 张洁

The National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society
Jun Da 笪骏 (chair)
Lisa Podbilski 欧莉莎
Shijuan Liu 刘士娟

Finance Committee
Fangyuan Yuan 袁芳远 (VP)
John Yin 印京华 (ED)

Nominating and Election Committee
Yongping Zhu 朱永平 (Chair)
Fangyuan Yuan 袁芳远 (VP)
Shuai Li 郦帅

ACTFL/CLTA Program Committee
Zhijun Wang 王志军 (Chair – 2018/2019)
Shuai Li 郦帅 (Chair – 2019/2020)

Fund-Raising Committee
Lung-hua Hu 胡龙华 (Chair)

Media and Publicity Committee
Jie Zhang 张洁 (chair)
Yunfang He 何云芳

Membership Drive Committee
Shijuan Liu 刘士娟 (Chair)

Regional Associations Committee
Hsin-hsin Liang 梁新欣 (Chair)
Cilei Han 韩慈磊

Professional Development Committee
Chan Lü  吕婵 (Chair)
Lisa Podbiski 欧莉莎
Jie Zhang 张洁

Note: A new term of office* (for Members of the Board of Directors and Elected Officers) begins in the year of the election upon the adjournment of the Annual Meeting of the Association in November. * See the CLTA By-laws, Section 4.03 of Article IV. Board of Directors and Section 5.01 of Article V. Elected Officers of the Association. For CLTA By-laws on Appointed Officers, see Article VI. Appointed Officers.

For a look back at past years’ Officers and Board of Directors, see History of CLTA Officers and Board.