CLTA Annual Conference 2018

April 6-8, 2018

13869 Park Center Rd. | Herndon, VA 20171

Schedule and Program

Call for Proposals

CFP Simplified Chinese (pdf) | CFP Traditional Chinese (pdf)

Chinese Language Teachers’ Association, USA is now calling for proposals for its 2018 annual conference to be held at Hilton Hotel at the Washington Dulles Airport from April 6 to 8. The objective of the annual conference has been to provide a forum for Chinese teachers, scholars and school administrators to exchange ideas and report the latest results in their teaching and research in the areas of Chinese language acquisition, pedagogy, grammar, or new instructional technology. We encourage Chinese teachers and researchers all over the world (including non-members of CLTA) to submit a proposal to share their teaching experiences and research results.

Proposal submission and deadline

Proposals, written in either English or Chinese, are acceptable, and the language used must be the same language used at the conference presentation. Please send the proposal to the CLTA website [website URL] before the deadline September 15, 2017. Acceptance of proposals will be notified through email by November 1, 2017.

Four types of proposals are accepted. You must indicate at the top of the page which category your proposal is.

  1. Individual papers: This category is for proposals to present research results of empirical studies for a twenty-minute presentation (including Q&A). The proposal must include a. name(s) of the presenter(s), contact information, and professional affiliation(s); b. the title and abstract should not exceed 300 English words or 450 Chinese characters; c. a summary with no more than 60 English words, or 90 Chinese characters, to be used in the program.
  2. Panels: This category is for proposals to have an hour-long panel with three, or four, papers on a common theme. The papers can be related to empirical studies, or to explore issues between theory and practice, or both. Each panel must have a representative submitting a proposal, which should include a. names of the panelists, contact information, and professional affiliations; b. the main theme of the panel; c. individual topics and abstracts for each paper altogether should not exceed 500 English words. or 750 Chinese characters; d. a summary with no more than 100 English words, or 150 Chinese characters, to be used in the conference program.
  3. Technique demonstrations: This category is for proposals to present a demonstration to share with colleagues the most interesting and effective teaching activities in eight minutes. The demonstration should focus on a language skill, a linguistic construction/lexical item, or a clearly articulated learning objective. The proposal should include a. name of the presenter, contact information, and affiliation; b. the name of the demonstrated activity; c. a brief introduction, in no more than 100 English words, or 150 Chinese characters, with the needed proficiency level of the intended students for whom the activity is intended, the specific linguistic construction for which the activity is intended, or the type of skill that the activity is all about.
  4. Professional development workshops: This category is for proposals to provide an hour-long professional workshop to enhance participants’ professional knowledge/skills in acquisition theories, research methods, material developments/analyses, or teaching technique. The proposal should include a. name of presenter, contact information, and professional affiliation; b. name of the training workshop; c. a description of the workshop with its area of specialization, its intended audience, and expected outcomes in no more than 300 English words, or 450 Chinese characters; d. a summary with no more than 100 English words, or 150 Chinese characters, to be included in the program.

Award Categories

  1. The ChinaSprout Presentation Award
  2. The Tao-chung Ted Yao Memorial Award.
  3. The Cheng & Tsui SIG Awards

Award Eligibility Considerations

Aside from specific eligibility rules set for each individual award, the following general rules of consideration apply to all award categories listed in this guideline:

  1. Each year one applicant can only apply for one award;
  2. Previous awardees should not be considered for the same awards;

For detailed information on the qualifications/nomination, procedures and deadline, please check at

Regional Association Conference

The Third Regional Association Conference will be held during the 2018 CLTA Annual Conference. Representatives of the Regional Associations will report their best practices and their Professional Development Projects with support from CLTA.

Proposal Submission

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Exhibitor Table Reservation

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Hotel and Travel


13869 Park Center Rd. | Herndon, VA 20171
T: +1 703 478 2900 | F: +1 703 478 9286

Hotel Room Reservation (the hotel has set up a special link for our conference. Use the link below.)

2018 CLTA Annual Conference will be held on April 6-8, 2018
(Conference goers can check in on April 5 or 6, 2018, and check out on April 8 or 9, 2018)


Minutes from Dulles International Airport
30 minutes from Reagan National Airport
45 minutes from Baltimore International Airport


Complimentary shuttle service to and from Dulles International Airport
Complimentary on-site parking


24 hour state-of-the-art workout facility
Indoor and outdoor pools
24 hour Connectivity Station
Full service spa and salon

More detailed information is available at the Hilton Dulles website.

Conference Committee

The 2018 CLTA Annual Conference Organizing Committee

Dr. Baozhang He, College of the Holy Cross

Dr. Wayne He, University of Rode Island
Dr. Lulei Su, College of the Holy Cross
Dr. Chaofen Sun, Stanford University
Dr. John Jing-hua Yin, University of Vermont