Associate Professor in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

University: Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Department: International Chinese Education of the School of Humanities
Web Address:

Specialty Areas:
Linguistics: Psycholinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Second 
Language Acquisition, Linguistic Typology, Applied Linguistics, Chinese 

Required Language(s): Chinese and English

Key Requirements:
The applicant should have a PhD degree in Linguistics conferred by an 
accredited university, have demonstrated good academic research 
abilities and potential, and be able to conduct independent academic 
research, give lectures, and mentor doctoral students. The applicant should also have at least one year’s experience of postdoctoral research or of teaching and independent research at an academic institution, and have outstanding research achievements that represent a higher academic level. 
Holder of this position will not be granted with tenure until s/he goes through a formal review process successfully at end of a trial period of 3 years.

Salary and Benefits:
The salary and benefits will be in accordance with the regulations of 
Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Supporting Documents:
Applicants are required to provide the following supporting documents 
with their application:
1. CV (including name, date of birth, current institution, contact 
information, a list of publications, major research and teaching areas, 
2. Research and Teaching Statement
3. Three to five recent research samples (within five years)
Note: Three academic references or letters of recommendation are 
preferred but not required.

If you are interested in the position, please send the required documents to

and indicate your name and the position you apply for in the subject of 
the email, and how you have heard about this position in the email.

About the institution:
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) was founded in 1896 and is one of 
the highest ranking universities in China with a world-class reputation. 
The School of Humanities (SHSS) includes four categories of academic 
disciplines covering Chinese Language and Literature, History, 
Philosophy, and Arts. The School of Humanities has two undergraduate 
programs for disciplines of Chinese Language and Literature 
(Sino-foreign culture exchange) and Chinese Language (designed for 
overseas students); three undergraduate minor courses separately for 
Chinese Language and Literature, History, and Musicology; three Master 
degree programs separately for first-level discipline in Chinese 
Language and Literature, Chinese History, and Philosophy; one 
professional Master degree program for International Chinese Language 
Education; two doctoral programs in comparative literature and cultural 
theory, and Marxism. The total number of faculty and staff currently 
working in the School is 140 and there are 1700 students studying in the 

If you have interest in the position or want to know more about the 
institution, you are welcomed to attend “The First SJTU International 
Young Scholars Forum on Humanities” in May (with your travel expense 
fully covered by SJTU). See below.

The First SJTU International Young Scholars Forum on Humanities

1. Introduction
Hosted by the School of Humanities, the First SJTU International Young 
Scholars Forum on Humanities is designed for outstanding young scholars 
all over the world. It is our hope that, through key lectures, seminars 
and talent exchanges, a platform will be established for worldwide young 
scholars with excellent academic background in literature, history, 
philosophy and art to promote understanding and share insights, that the 
development strategy, discipline construction, scientific research and 
faculty policies of SJTU and the School of Humanities can be fully 
understood, and that young scholars will be motivated to achieve their 
aspirations in SJTU, boosting the development of Humanities.

2. Schedule
Registration: May 17th, 2019
Forum: May 18th-19th, 2019
May 18th:
Morning: Opening Ceremony & Keynote Lectures
Afternoon: Academic Sessions &Seminars
May 19th:
Morning: Introduction of SJTU Policies & Campus Tour
Afternoon: Domain-specific Discussions, Talent Exchanges & Closing Ceremony
Address: School of Humanities, Minhang District, Shanghai Jiao Tong 

3.Selection Criteria
Applicants should have a doctoral degree conferred by an accredited 
university and are in their early teaching and research career years.

4.Academic Fields
Four disciplines will be involved in this Forum, namely Chinese Language 
& Literature, History, Philosophy, and Art Education. The principal 
academic directions are as follows:
Chinese Language Literature: Ancient Literature, Modern and Contemporary 
Literature, Literature and Art (including Literary Anthropology), 
Comparative Literature and World Literature, Folk Literature, Chinese 
Philology, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, including 
Psycholinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Second Language 
Acquisition, Linguistic Typology, Applied Linguistics, etc.
History: Chinese history, World history
Philosophy: Western Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Logic, Philosophy of 
Art education: Musicology

5. How to Apply
Application: Complete the online application form on the school 
Invitation: All the applications will be assessed by the 
departments(centers) in the school, and all the candidates will be 
evaluated by the school academic committee. Applicants who pass the 
assessment will receive an official invitation letter through email by 
mid-April 2019.
RSVP: Invited scholars are required to fill in a receipt within one week 
and confirm the participation.

6.Financial Assistance:
Board & Lodging: FULL SUPPORT
Travel Expenses: SJTU will offer reimbursement for round-trip travel 
expenses(economy class air ticket, hard sleeper ticket, or second-class 
high-speed rail ticket), for which original bills are required. Please 
hand in the bills(invoice of the flight, boarding pass, a copy of the 
passport, tickets) to the coordinator during the registration.

7. Contact Details:
Contact person: Ms. Song
Tel: 86-21-34208519

Address: School of Humanities, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 800 
Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, 200240, China