Who can join CLTA?

CLTA is comprised of scholars, teachers and graduate students in Chinese language, linguistics, literature and other related areas, and those who are interested in the above fields may join the Association.

Are membership dues tax-dedeuctible?


What privileges do active members enjoy?

  • To access the Journal online;
  • To access the Newsletter;
  • To publish personal and institutional news in the Newsletter;
  • To receive information on meetings and conferences sponsored by the Association;
  • To attend, present papers at, and organize panels for these meetings and conferences;
  • To elect members to the Board of Directors;
  • To be nominated and elected as members of the Board of Directors.

What are the membership dues?

Refer to the Membership signup page for the pricing table.

What period do these dues cover?

The dues for regular membership cover a 365 day period from the date payment is received. Reminders will be sent when your membership is about to expire. Lifetime membership is also available and never expires.