• How to Design and Implement Business Chinese Courses

    Presenters: Daoxiong Guan, University of California at Santa Barbara; Fangyuan Yuan, United State Naval Academy

    Date/Time/Location: Friday April 2rd, 1:35PM-2:35PM, Potomac II

  • In response to the practical demand of future business professionals to be equipped with applied skills in the Chinese language and a better understanding of Chinese culture in the business context, and to a pedagogical call for greater emphases on language development in contextualized instruction, business Chinese teaching and learning has become an important curricular option in a large number of college-level Chinese programs. This workshop is designed to advance this trend by introducing pedagogical knowledge and hands-on skills to developing and implementing business Chinese courses within the theoretical frameworks of the case-study method and task-based language teaching.

    The workshop will begin with an introduction to the case-study method and task-based language teaching through pedagogical illustrations of real world cases with which a business Chinese course can be developed. Recommendations are proposed to achieve a balanced teaching between business content and linguistic development at the input, interaction, and output stages. The second part is devoted to the specific strategies and tactics that can be employed in classroom task design. Different types of classroom tasks are introduced including language skill tasks, communicative tasks, and real-world (rehearsal) tasks for a range of instructional goals. Pedagogical examples will be illustrated and opportunities will be provided for workshop attendees to learn to use the introduced skills to develop classroom tasks.

    At the end of the workshop, attendees will be equipped with pedagogical knowledge to develop a business Chinese course and with hands-on skills to design and implement classroom tasks for their own business Chinese courses.
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