• How technology can foster a collaborative learning community

    Presenter: Hsin-hsin Liang 梁新欣 and Ying Gao 高瑛, The University of Virginia

    Date/Time/Location: Friday April 2rd, 1:35PM-2:35PM, Potomac I

  • This workshop will be designed to demonstrate how technology can enhance the collaboration and interaction among a teacher and students regardless of the actual space, whether in the classroom or the Cloud. Hsin-hsin Liang will focus on designing activities and exercises on the Wall in Padlet.com, and Ying Gao will focus on designing activities and exercises by applying the functions in WeChat, “Da Zhong Dian Ping,” and various other online survey websites. By the end of the workshop participants will come away with new inspiration to create their own exercises and activities for their classrooms.
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