• Proceed Separately and Strike Together: Enhancing Elementary Chinese Language Teaching and Learning

    Presenter: John Jing-hua Yin 印京华, The University of Vermont

    Date/Time/Location: Friday April 2rd, 12:30PM-1:30PM, Potomac II

  • The Chinese script and the Chinese tones are two learning obstacles causing anxieties and frustrations among students at the elementary level and beyond; the proposed workshop is, therefore, intended to help teachers at the elementary level learn to actualize the instructional approach of dealing with writing and speaking separately at the elementary level in order to reduce anxieties and frustrations among students. Specifically, the workshop has two parts. Part One looks at the teaching approaches conventionally and commonly adopted at the elementary level, identifies their common features in terms of the way in which the script and tones are handled, and helps participants see their inadequacy and understand the rationales of having an alternative approach is needed to deal with the script and the sounds including tones. Part Two is practical, and it presents the “proceed-separately-and-strike-together” approach as an alternative and demonstrates how it is actualized in teaching at the elementary level.

    The workshop will be conducted in Chinese (and English when necessary) with PPT slides. Related handouts such as a sample syllabus will be provided to each participant. The workshop participants are expected to understand and be able to implement the “proceed-separately-and-strike-together” approach in their own teaching.
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