• Teacher Needed: How to Be a Qualified Language Instructor

    Presenter: Yongping Zhu 朱永平. University of Notre Dame

    Date/Time/Location: Friday April 2rd, Potomac I 12:30PM-1:30PM

  • It is highly challenging for novice teachers to go through a job interview successfully and receive a job offer fortunately. There are numerous professional guidelines for the job interview, but different from those guidelines, this workshop will help new teachers to prepare for the job interview by discussing some successful and unsuccessful cases in the job search and discover what the essential characteristics of a language instructor should have and what the ideal candidates should be by providing several practicable tips from both the job applicant and recruiter’s point of view. Participants will learn some necessary strategies for the job interview from this workshop, and also the ways of self-cultivation to be a qualified candidate for language teaching with the abroad, solid professional knowledge and various effective teaching methods.
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