Cheng & Tsui SIG Awards

Call for Proposal

With a generous donation from Cheng & Tsui, for a five-year period from 2017 to 2022, the Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards will support projects related to pedagogical research and material development from CLTA SIGs. The CLTA Professional Development Committee invites proposals for the Cheng & Tsui SIG Awards.

Awards and Eligibility

Each year, the CLTA Professional Development Committee intends to select three or four SIGs to share the $2,000 Cheng & Tsui SIG Awards. The awards can be used to defray the cost of conducting the intended projects and/or travel to the CLTA Annual Conference for dissemination of the project outcomes. Only current CLTA SIGs are eligible to apply, and all expenses must have receipts and will be reimbursed by the CLTA Secretary up to the amount awarded. Additionally, only one SIG is eligible to submit one proposal per year.


An awarded SIG is expected to conduct one of the following activities upon completion of their projects:

  • Present at the Cheng & Tsui SIG Award panel of presentations at the CLTA Annual Conference;
  • Organize a Cheng & Tsui SIG roundtable discussion at the CLTA Annual Conference.

In order to ensure that all CLTA members benefit from the results of the awarded projects, all awarded SIGs are required to submit to CLTA a final report, which will be made public through the CLTA website. The report should include the following:

  • Please reiterate the expected outcomes from your original proposal, and address if your presentation/workshop/roundtable has achieved these outcomes. If not, please specify why.
  • Please provide any resources (books, websites, strategies, etc), as a result of your effort. These resources will be shared with the larger CLTA membership.

Other requirements:

  • Length: 2-page minimum, 4-page maximum, double-space, 12pt font.
  • Please do not include any photos from the workshops unless they are relevant to the resources you wish to share.

Application and Notification

Announcement of this award and deadlines aligns with each year’s CLTA annual meeting call for proposals. When applying, applicants should send the following to the CLTA Professional Development Committee at with the subject “SIG Awards Application”:

  1. A copy of the regular conference proposal abstract, and a more detailed written proposal that follows the requirements below:
    • Includes a clear description of the project, such as the theoretical background; the objectives and intended audience; design of the project; timeline; budget of the project (itemized in detail); and expected outcomes. A reference list should be included at the end of the proposal, but this section is not counted in the page limitation.
    • Three to four-page electronic proposal in English or Chinese; Double-spaced, 12-point font
  2. A brief CV (two pages maximum) of the applicant(s)

Only proposals that are accepted for presentation at the CLTA conference will be considered for this award. Identifying information will be removed prior to anonymous review. A shortlist of finalists will be contacted by the CLTA Professional Development Committee. Recipients will be arranged to deliver their presentations/workshops/roundtables during the CLTA Annual Conference.


Award Recipients


  • Special Interest Group: Chinese as a Second Language Research (建设健康持续发展的汉语项目 I & II) by Xizhen Qin (University of South Florida), Lijuan Ye (Messiah College), Guangyan Chen (Texas Christian University), Jia Zhu (University of Central Arkansa), and Yao Liu (University of South Florida). View the 2019_CLTA_SIG_Award_Report.
  • Special Interest Group: Create a Meaningful Frame of Image and Text: Teaching Chinese Language and Culture Through Documentaries (建立图像与文字的意义框架:以纪录片为媒介的对外汉语语言和文化教学)  by Jing Wang (Princeton University), Yang Wang (Brown University) and Man He (Williams College). View the 2019-CLTA-SIG-Award_Report.


  • Special Interest Group: Content-based Chinese Language Courses at Advanced Levels. “Advanced Chinese Language Courses Based on the Theme of Chinese Philosophy: Design and Practices” by Hsin-hsin Liang (University of Virginia), Yu Feng (Brandeis University), and Mien-hwa Chiang (University of Pennsylvania). View the Award Report (docx)
  • Special Interest Group: Educational Technology. “Integrating Educational Technology into K-12 Chinese Language Education” by Chen-hui Tsai (University of California, Berkeley), Shenglan Zhang (Iowa State University) and Congcong Wang (University of Northern Iowa). View the Award Report (pdf)