SIG – Chinese Language Learning for Children (CLLC) 儿童学汉语


Purpose of Establishing the SIG “Chinese Language Learning for Children” is to provide a platform for early childhood through eighth grade Chinese teachers to share their teaching and learning, to tackle the challenges we are faced together, and to make their voices heard in the Chinese teaching and learning profession.

The Chinese Language Learning for Children SIG will cultivate our professional and scholarly growth through holding regular discussions and webinars on themes of Chinese language learning for children as well as research and scholarly writing, organizing individual and panel presentations at CLTA-sponsored conferences, and publishing our teachers’ and students’ work in our e-newsletter or e-journal.


  1. Creating an e-group for all group members to ask for help, give advice, and announce news
  2. Having regular discussions or webinars on such themes as Chinese teaching, research, presenting, and publishing
  3. Organizing individual or panel presentations at CLTA-sponsored conferences
  4. Creating an e-newsletter or e-journal for teachers to share their Chinese teaching and for children to share their Chinese learning


Group Leader: Ruihua Liu 刘瑞华, Chinese Teacher, International Leadership of Texas