Kindergarten Mandarin Teacher (New York, NY)

Kindergarten Teacher – Bilingual (Mandarin/English)

This position requires at least 3 years of experience working with children in Kindergarten in a Montessori, PYP or international school environment.  You must have completed a Bachelors degree, preferably in a related field. Masters degree is highly desired.

We are a Mandarin immersion school, and so Mandarin fluency is required.

You will be responsible for working with your Co-Teacher in best practices with this age group, model those practices, and lead all parent communications.  You will work closely with the Head of School to evaluate student progress and support your teaching team.

You must be someone with exceptional communication skills and a nurturing, supportive approach.  Our goal is to guide and support parents through the rich and complex experience of the PYP, helping them learn what their children are capable of and how they can best support them in our program.

You will also work collaboratively with PYP colleagues to develop the school’s ethos and supportive relationships amongst students of all ages. You will be asked to actively utilize New York City as a resource for learning and to involve your students in sustainable community service projects and experiences.

One of the ways we achieve this is through electronic portfolios using an iPad.  We ask every teacher to embrace this technology and this assessment method, and we provide extensive support and training for doing so.

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We love demo lessons, they let us observe your teaching skills. Teaching portfolios, samples and demo lessons are welcome as part of your application!