Title: Robust vocabulary instruction in K-12 Chinese programs

Presenter: Chan Lü 吕婵, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Date/Time/Location: Friday, 04/05/2019, 3:40 PM – 4:40 PM, Crystal A

Audience Level: Teachers of K-12 Chinese programs, including world language programs and immersion programs

Language of Presentation: Mainly in Chinese


  • To provide the teachers with a brief summary of research-based evidence of the important factors affecting literacy learning among K-12 learners;
  • To provide the teachers with concrete methods and strategies of vocabulary selection and instruction


A common concern for K-12 Chinese language teachers in different program types is how to most effectively teach Chinese literacy and to help students retain what they have learned. Focusing on vocabulary instruction, this workshop aims to provide K-12 Chinese teachers with research-based evidence of “what works” in literacy learning among school age children. Specifically, this workshop will introduce hands-on methods of selecting vocabulary items, strategies for teaching general vocabulary as well as academic word, and discuss activities to reinforce vocabulary learning appropriate for young learners. The methods and strategies introduced in this workshop are widely used in, but adapted from, English literacy learning and instruction, so they should be familiar to students in mainstream schools.